You’re Fat, She’s Not

“Everyone wants to feel healthy and live a healthy lifestyle. This book is a combination of excellent nutritional recommendations, psychological/positive thinking motivators as well as spiritual guidance all of which lay down the foundation for healthy living.” Dr. Susan Lurie, M.D. “Best book about a healthy lifestyle I’ve read. The honest, straight forward, no nonsense with added humor approach kept me engaged and wanting to read on. I couldn’t put it down! Sachin writes like people talk. I live in the healthy, yoga world and I learned some great information from this book. We all need to hear it. We all are in it together. Wanting health and happiness. I’m DEFINITELY behind this book.”

~ Emily Lundy, BS, LMT, ERYT

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In this book, You’re Fat, She’s Not, author Sachin Mayi identifies simple life-enhancing practices that you can easily integrate into your daily routine. He covers topics like hydration, stretching, yoga, meditation, massage, diet myths and even how to go about finding your perfect mate. Sachin says that by making even one simple positive change in your life you will be awakening the desire and will-power to make all the changes to live a better, fuller life. In his diet section, Sachin explains how to easily distinguish between what is good for you to eat from what is not. No more complicated calorie counting. He says that diet is not something you do to lose weight from time to time, diet is part of a healthy lifestyle that keeps you thin, energized and free from the inflammation and digestive disruptions that plague so many of us these days. You’re Fat, She’s Not is everyone’s complete guide to a healthier, happier life. The book is designed to be an easy, entertaining read, filled with doable, sustainable weight loss and healthy living strategies that are applicable in your life today. It is also recommended for young adults and adults who are struggling to maintain their weight loss after trying several extreme weight loss diets.

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