What’s going on in that tummy?


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Even perfectionists and overachievers struggle with their tummy sizes. This is an interesting compilation of tummy-types and what you can do about them.

In fact, daily habits like missing meals, lack of sleep, too much coffee and simply doing the wrong exercises affect your tummy size.

Storing fat around your belly impacts your circulatory system. The type of food you eat affects the type of bacteria which live in your guts. Some bacteria thrive when fed with sugar. These bacteria ultimately affects your cravings, mood and general disposition. This is an interesting article about how gut bacteria are thought to be able control your mind.

It is high time to reflect on the food we eat and the nutrition we get. Are we feeding our mind or feeding the bacteria that pushes us to compromise our immune system?

A lot of people resort to food to reduce stress, depression or boredom. This means that we can actually use food / nutrition to put our minds in the right direction.

This wealth of overall mental and physical health knowledge is heavily discussed in the book You’re Fat, She’s Not. This book enables readers to understand their unique bodies and appreciate the other aspects of their lives that contribute to their weight gain. Sustainable weight loss is a matter of living the right lifestyle. Change your life today, change your life for the better. Read this book by Sachin Mayi today.



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