Top 3 Reasons Why We Love Dogs


We’ve heard millions of stories of pet lovers. We’ve seen thousands of photos on Facebook about our pets. We’ve cried in many movies where dogs saved lives. We can relate! We love dogs. This passion for dogs drove Dr. Laura Evatt to raise money with Sachin Mayi and use more than $100,000 of her own money to save these beloved creations. ┬áIn the book 101 Salvations, you will read touching stories from the dog’s perspective.

Dr. Laura Evatt spends every minute of her spare time rescuing dogs and paying for their health, well-being, and placement, with over $113,000 of her own money!

You might have asked yourself before, why do we love dogs really?

Here are the top 3 reasons why we love dogs!

1. Companions – night and day, they are around. They just quietly accompany us as we go about our daily lives. They only need food to eat and they will hang around, no other complicated demands. They are fun to be with, non-critical, non-judgmental. Always positive. They are always happy to see you come home.

2. Health Buddies – they are just amazing at this front. Sure enough, they need exercise and you will be compelled to take them out to maintain their health. The structure demands us to focus on our health as well.

3. Resident psychologist – yes you can talk to them. They won’t talk back, they will listen! They will love you unconditionally despite all the drama! Go ahead and vent it out. Better yet, vent it out while jogging!



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