Thinking of Adopting a Dog? Take this quiz to find out which dog breed is for you

This is just a fun exercise! We all know that dogs have their own personalities! If you are contemplating on adopting a rescued pet, you may find it useful to match your personality and lifestyle to the dog breed you are getting. Take this interesting quiz to get some idea and narrow down your choices. The best way to find out which dog breed is best for you is to to do a lot of research. Adopting pets is not to be taken for granted. Animals have needs, too: adequate food and shelter, exercise and kindness.

101 Salvations is a compilation of heart-warming stories about a compassionate lady who has spent thousand of dollars to save pets. Her story is written by Sachin Mayi in a unique style that ignites a deeper connection with the readers.

Sachin Mayi is the founder of Share A Pet – a national organization which provides pet-assisted therapy in hospitals, nursing homes, children’s centers and schools…You may read their story here.

Ready to adopt a pet? Take the quiz below!



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