The World’s Healthiest People

Iceland, Sweden and Finland are consistently considered the countries where the healthiest people live.


Second to this list are these countries:
Germany, Switzerland, Australia, Denmark, Canada, Austria and the Netherlands.


What are the factors in consideration?
1. Fresh air
2. Fresh water and sanitation
3. Infant mortality rate
4. Undernourishment rates
5. Life expectancy (especially for men)
6. Prevalence of tuberculosis

However, it seems that people in the USA are less healthier not because of geographical location but because of health habits and culture.

Certain tweaks in beliefs and behavior can benefit many more Americans.
1. Eating food grown in the local region is not only cheaper, it’s also much healthier and fresher.
2. Walking or riding a bike to the grocery or to work, when possible, is a healthier option than sitting in your car in traffic.
3. Cleanliness in and outside home can be made into a priority.
4. More fish and vegetables in the diet instead of sugary donuts and ice cream.

More exercise also produces more positive thinking and less anxiety.

Don’t worry, you do not need to find work and live in the Swiss Alps to increase your life expectancy. Change of priorities and lifestyle can immensely help. Check out lifestyle and help improvement tips from the book You’re Fat, She’s Not and increase your health to increase your wealth.




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