The Perfect Diet is a Myth

We’ve all heard about the different types of fad diets popularized over the years. However, Sachin Mayi says there is no one-size fits all strategy in losing weight much more sustaining a healthy weight. The mental conditioning, media hypes, so-called scientific studies are making matters worst.

We were led to believe that full cream milk is bad. But now we should spread butter on our bread. Oh wait, we can’t have white bread, choose ones with grains! But be careful if the processing includes nuts and make sure it’s gluten free. They used to say it’s great to be fully vegetarian, then there’s vegan! ¬†When we were kids we were told to eat a heavy breakfast, but now celebrities and nutritionists on TV harp on about nutribars! Which is which! It all gets too confusing.

There is no perfect diet ~ there is only perfect
digestion ~ and the right foods at the right time.Sachin Mayi


This book is laden with practical and logical tips to improve your health and your entire lifestyle so you can sustain your weight loss over a longer period of time, perhaps even for life.

It’s important to remember, losing weight can be really easy. Many people have done it. What’s hard is sustaining a healthy body and having the discipline to make sure the body is getting the right nutrition it needs on a daily basis.



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