The Nature of Cravings


A lot of times, cravings are blamed for midnight snacks or overeating.  However, there are many factors that come into play when the body signals the need for a specific food. Sachin Mayi carefully defines that nature of cravings and which cravings need to be addressed and controlled.  His account on his book You’re Fat, She’s Not, he clarifies the idea of understanding the body thoroughly – specifically to each person. Knowing one’s self / one’s body and one’s context are the keys in understanding how to control cravings.

Here are some techniques to control cravings:

1. Drown it down with water. Drinking water may lower the need to eat sweets and satisfy unhealthy cravings.

2. Exercise. Instead of constantly searching for food or thinking about what to it especially after having just eaten, a person may instead choose to be active. Exercise will help a person get his mind off cravings.

3. Go nuts! Nuts like almonds, walnuts are great ways to decrease cravings on top of them being very healthy snacks.




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