If you want to lose weight, sleep more.

Ever heard of the saying, “Early to bed, Early to rise. Makes a man healthy, and wealthy and wise.” More and more scientific research is now supporting this claim. These days, our hectic jobs and increased motivation to make more money forces us to go on ridiculous 12 hour shifts, 2-3 hour daily commutes, 12[…]

You Think You’re Eating Vegetables the Right Way? Read this

This is an amazing article by CNN that really helps us unleash the nutrients we need from the vegetables we eat! Here’s a quick summary: 1. Eat steamed or fresh vegetables as much as possible, except tomatoes, better cook them. 2. Do not over grill meat. Yes the aroma is too appetizing to resist but[…]

Delicious Juicing Recipes Collection

We love juicing – it’s exciting to creatively mix flavours. The cherry on top is the amazing health benefits you get.  We have collected a few more delicious juicing recipe ideas below. These ideas help to reduce inflammation, make the skin more radiant and boost the immune system.  Juicing is a great way to stay[…]

The World’s Healthiest People

Iceland, Sweden and Finland are consistently considered the countries where the healthiest people live. Second to this list are these countries: Germany, Switzerland, Australia, Denmark, Canada, Austria and the Netherlands. What are the factors in consideration? 1. Fresh air 2. Fresh water and sanitation 3. Infant mortality rate 4. Undernourishment rates 5. Life expectancy (especially[…]