Open Letter: Where Do Your Passions Lie?

One of our readers have sent us a good comment. She mentioned that reading our website has reminded her about how she first started thinking about setting a non-profit organization. Our stories made her remember her motivations. So we have decided to share this letter from Sachin Mayi, specifically addressing her comments.

  • Are you fit to run a non-profit?
  • Is it better to setup a non-profit organization or work for one?
  • What do you need to setup a non-profit organization?
  • How much money can you make if you have a non-profit organization?
  • What are the elements that will help sustain a non-profit organization?
  • Is setting up a non-profit organization really for you?

If you are mulling about these questions as you start your journey in discovering how to best help people, READ this letter and share it with your friends.

Dear Kristie,

In 2008 my Guru told me to “go out in the world and find those people who are suffering and serve them”. I have always been a giver, but wasn’t clear how or where to begin. Giving to and serving others is not an obligation, but a birthright of all humans. I am happy that you are feeling that urge. You are probably being philanthropic on a daily basis without even realizing it. I was caring for my brother, but was feeling like I needed to do more for more people. This led me to starting a pet therapy organization,

Now we are one of millions of different non-profits that someone like you can volunteer with to help others. If someone were to ask me if I recommend that they start a non-profit organization themselves, I would ask them if there is already one in place that matched their mission. If yes, then I would avoid the headache and incredible responsibility that comes with incorporating.

Start one if you have a burning desire to serve in this way and want others to help you both physically and financially and there is no other option. Never start one to just get paid to serve. It will rarely work out. If you are looking for a direction on your journey to serve, then just start asking yourself where your passions lie. For example, if you want to help children, perhaps you can visit them in the children’s hospital. See if the hospital has a volunteer program, most do. If not, see what non-profit organizations there are who provide this opportunity and join them. Every corporation, whether for profit or non-profit, has their politics. You will have to see where you fit best. But keep in mind that you are there to serve others, not yourself. A certain toleration is just part of that serving.

From my own experience and the experiences expressed by the thousands of other servants I have met, there is nothing better than serving. So don’t wait. Everyone needs help, even if it is just a hug, a kind word or a gentle smile, but there is so much more that can be done. All the best on your journey my dear.

Sachin Mayi
Founder Share-A-Pet
President Mayi Enterprises



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