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When Is Unconditional Love Not Needed?

“When you start something and it makes a difference, not just for you, but for everyone who participates in it, and everyone who receives from it, it’s worth writing about.” – Sachin

Every fascinating detail of how Share-A-Pet got started – you’ll be surprised to discover …

* What motivated Sachin and his loving yellow Lab Tenzin to share love and improve the lives of those in need?

* The three drawbacks of institutionalized living that continues to fuel the organization!

* How the simple instruction to “Find those people who are suffering in the world and serve them” helped improve hundreds of lives!

* The Story of Michael, his Accident, and Deepak Chopra.

* And so much more!




“We had an interesting beginning, a heart-filled middle, and an end that hopefully will only come when we are not needed anymore.” – Sachin Mayi

Available Now! All proceeds go to support Share-A-Pet Pet-Assisted Therapy.

To order go to: Share-A-Pet Org, Inc.



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