Feeling sick? Check your waistline

As a woman, if your waistline is over 30-35 inches or as a man, if your waistline is over 40-45 inches, you most likely have a debilitating illness, regardless what age you are.

Oversized waistlines often signal associated bodily disorders. The middle section of a person’s body, containing the stomach, the liver, kidneys and intestines are cramped up with unnecessary fat preventing them to breathe or function well. Any disturbance in their function mean your body is unable to digest and absorb the right nutrients properly and unable to excrete the toxins and waste efficiently.

Sachin Mayi argues, everyone needs to lose weight. In his book, You’re Fat She’s Not, he explains that regular bowel movement frees up the body, keeping it healthy. We do not need the excess bulge and excess weight. We don’t need to store the waste that should be going out. We don’t need the discomfort and associated headaches that come with constipation.

The book, You’re Fat She’s Not, is full of simple, practical advise on how to manage weight better. It includes exercise tips that help in blood circulation.


One of the first steps in becoming healthier is to make sure the waistline is within normal range. This ensures that the internal organs can function freely and properly. The liver can produce enough insulin to balance blood sugar level. The stomach digests food and absorbs nutrients properly. The intestines function well enough to release waste regularly.

The good news is that the stomach is the easiest part of the body to lose that excess weight. The challenge is how to start. If you think you have tried every diet or exercise routine out there, and nothing seemed to work, the solution might be right under your nose. Learn first the practical and easy steps. Learn from the book, You’re Fat She’s Not. You may not even notice you’re exercising or actively trying to lose weight as you apply the principles in the book. Find out how taking smaller steps make all the difference.



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