Open Letter: Where Do Your Passions Lie?

One of our readers have sent us a good comment. She mentioned that reading our website has reminded her about how she first started thinking about setting a non-profit organization. Our stories made her remember her motivations. So we have decided to share this letter from Sachin Mayi, specifically addressing her comments. Are you fit[…]

Thinking of Adopting a Dog? Take this quiz to find out which dog breed is for you

This is just a fun exercise! We all know that dogs have their own personalities! If you are contemplating on adopting a rescued pet, you may find it useful to match your personality and lifestyle to the dog breed you are getting. Take this interesting quiz to get some idea and narrow down your choices.[…]

4 Reasons Dog Ownership Can Save Lives

There have been multiple studies, research and documented cases wherein dog ownerships have helped their owners live a healthier life, mentally and physically. Dogs relieve stress and anxiety. Kids with anxiety issues early in their childhood learn coping mechanisms if they have pet dogs. Adults who endure a lot of stress (in terms of career,[…]