Juicing Recipes to Improve Immune System

This is a great collection of amazing juicing recipes which work wonders for your immune system. Interesting ingredients like tumeric, beets, parsley, coconut oil, chia seeds and ginger are used to add a unique flavour and kick. These ingredients have direct effects in boosting your immune system to make your body more resistant to virus[…]

4 Reasons Dog Ownership Can Save Lives

There have been multiple studies, research and documented cases wherein dog ownerships have helped their owners live a healthier life, mentally and physically. Dogs relieve stress and anxiety. Kids with anxiety issues early in their childhood learn coping mechanisms if they have pet dogs. Adults who endure a lot of stress (in terms of career,[…]

Feeling sick? Check your waistline

As a woman, if your waistline is over 30-35 inches or as a man, if your waistline is over 40-45 inches, you most likely have a debilitating illness, regardless what age you are. Oversized waistlines often signal associated bodily disorders. The middle section of a person’s body, containing the stomach, the liver, kidneys and intestines are[…]

You Never Thought This Would Be Your Favorite

Broccoli and broccolini are challenging the famous macaroni and cheese as the famous sides. Here are some of the most delicious ways to serve broccoli!   Broccoli with Asian Garlic Sauce, recipe credits here.  Quick and easy, very healthy. Oven roasted broccoli and cauliflower, recipe credits here. Oven roasted carrots and broccoli, with garlic and[…]

You’re Fat, She’s Not

“Everyone wants to feel healthy and live a healthy lifestyle. This book is a combination of excellent nutritional recommendations, psychological/positive thinking motivators as well as spiritual guidance all of which lay down the foundation for healthy living.” Dr. Susan Lurie, M.D. “Best book about a healthy lifestyle I’ve read. The honest, straight forward, no nonsense[…]