About Bindu Mayi

About Dr. Bindu Mayi

Bindu Mayi has a doctorate in Molecular Microbiology & Immunology, a post doctorate in Infectious Diseases as well as research experience in cancer therapeutics using nanotechnology. She currently teaches Microbiology to professional students at Novasoutheastern University in South Florida. She is also a Board member and volunteer for Share-A-Pet, a 501c3 non profit organization that provides free pet-assisted therapy to individuals in hospitals, nursing homes and children’s centers. Plato, the Golden Retriever in the book, is the namesake for and modeled after a Share-A-Pet therapy dog. He was one of the sweetest, most well behaved dogs the author had ever had the pleasure to meet.


Cover photo and design by Donna Levy

Cover photo and design by Donna Levy

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Dear readers,

I wrote Mrs. A in 2016. This is not the first book I have written, but it is the first one I have felt compelled to share with readers everywhere.

Someone recently asked me, “Why Mrs. A? Will there be a Mrs. B, a Mrs. C and so on?” Not really! Mrs. A was actually the result of a rainy morning when everyone else in the house had gone for a drive down Las Olas and I had stayed behind to have a cup of chai. I typed up about 5 or so pages. When the others returned home, I read what I had written to Michael and his weekend nurse. Michael, (my brother in law) is head injured and consequently in a wheelchair and needs round the clock care. At the time, his weekend nurse was Catherine, a fun, energetic, wonderful human being. I read the beginnings of my book to Michael and Catherine and when I stopped, Catherine said, “Don’t stop”. I said to her, “That’s all I have”. She screamed and said, “Noooooooo”, a long drawn out, anguished No. Michael didn’t say anything because he doesn’t speak. But, I could tell he loved the beginnings of the story, because his eyes speak volumes and they had latched on to every word! Catherine said she really wanted to know what would happen to Andy and I realized so did I. That question led me to the rest of the story and I am gratified at the way it turned out.

I won’t give away the necessity for naming my book Mrs. A, but I am so excited for you to get your own Aha! moment when you realize the reason for naming my book Mrs. A! The title was my husband’s idea – he is very much of an outside the box thinker and when you read the story, you will see why it is a brilliant title.

In addition to writing and cooking, I am passionate about education and public health issues. As an educator at Nova Southeastern University, I have found myself in the role of a mentor and I absolutely cherish that role and what I can provide my students in terms of direction, motivation and guidance. In Mrs. A, I have combined my desire to mentor others with my passion for prevention of infectious diseases.