BBC Announces What Foods Are Still Healthy to Eat

Full cream milk can make you fat. Skim milk is not as healthy as you think.

Eggs is a top source of protein but hang on, if you eat too much, you’ll die of a heart attack.

Coffee causes dry skin. But those who drink it have less risk of diabetes or heart attack.

And the latest research shows that eating bacon is the new smoking!


When we visit grocery stores these days, it almost feels like there is nothing left to eat that will not kill us – eventually.

So here is an interesting article from BBC.

As a summary, they have articulated that:

  1. It’s apparently better if you would drink coffee up to 3 cups a day so go on and enjoy that espresso. If you need it in the morning, there’s no point being guilty about it.
  2. It’s ok to eat EGG. YES! Save some money, get some real protein. It’s ok to eat up to 7 eggs a week or 1 a day.
  3. You’ll love this … Yes you can eat some bacon according to BBC. One or 2 slices only but that is good enough for an English breakfast!

The most important thing here is that your diet needs to be balanced and varied! Eating your favorites in moderation is acceptable as long as you include fruits and vegetables in your diet.

Visit the actual article here.



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