Ban Bread? Why?

30,000 years ago – the first ever bread was made and it has become a dependable source of food. And it has since dramatically evolved!

In fact, it’s now the breakfast of choice for many western societies. Cake, one of its more creative descendants, is a common feature in celebrations and the ultimate comfort food.

So why is Sachin Mayi saying we should ban bread? 

The common bread is made of flour (processed), which causes constipation due to its lack of fiber. The later derivatives of bread are produced with a lot of preservatives and sugar to give them some taste. In fact, Sachin Mayi lists bread (and other flour-based products) as part of his Foods to Avoid list.

In his book, You’re Fat, She’s Not, Sachin enumerates tips and strategies to create a sustainable, healthy life. The main component is correcting one’s diet.

What we eat everyday affects our mood and our body’s functions. It’s now time to pay close attention to the food you eat, if you are serious about losing weight.


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