4 Reasons Dog Ownership Can Save Lives

There have been multiple studies, research and documented cases wherein dog ownerships have helped their owners live a healthier life, mentally and physically.

  1. Dogs relieve stress and anxiety. Kids with anxiety issues early in their childhood learn coping mechanisms if they have pet dogs. Adults who endure a lot of stress (in terms of career, financial or health issues), reportedly become less anxious as they relate with their dogs.
  2. Dogs have been used as a therapeutic strategy for inmates in prison with inspiring results. The inmates re-learn positive feelings of relaxation, caring, responsibility, compassion and confidence among others.
  3. Now for the obvious one, dogs need exercise. They need to run and walk around, roam free. As a responsible dog owner, you’re required to walk your dog twice a day – imagine the healthy benefits of regular exercise!
  4. Dogs can detect cancer, diabetes or mental anxiety in their owners. Here’s a list of helpful links:

Canine cancer detection

Dogs detect diabetes

In most cases, dogs have provided the companionship that many people feel in many cities worldwide.  Dogs easily brighten a person’s day. See wonderful stories from the Share A Pet website. Share A Pet is one of the four national pet therapy organizations in USA.

“It is our goal to be one of the nation’s leading volunteer organization inspiring volunteerism in every community. Share-A-Pet was created for the purpose of filling a void in the lives of the elderly and otherwise restricted but it has become much more. Because our volunteers and their amazing pets have such a positive life-changing impact on our patients, we have greatly expanded our vision.” – Share A Pet.

A unique story of how and why a courageous and kind lady spent hundreds and thousands of dollars using her own money to rescue dogs conveys her attachment and appreciation for dogs. Read her story in the book 101 Salvations.



Sachin Mayi, Author, Entrepreneur works with Pet Rescue groups all over the US to promote animal welfare. If you are passionate about dogs and currently are part of a non-profit organization Pet Rescue Operations, please contact us.





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