3 Lifestyle Reasons That Make You Fat

Sometimes, no matter what you do, your gym hours, constant running, juicing and dieting aren’t creating a significant effect on your weight loss goals. Here are some poignant reasons why:

1. Social eating – you and your friends go out a lot for brunches, coffees or lunch outs. You serve large meals for sharing for the whole family like there’s always a party in the house. You eat little nibbles here and there like free chips and bite-sized chocolates in the office.


2. You do not sleep enough. Your body needs a good amount of rest each day to get fully charged and ready to take on the next day. Thinking that lack of sleep causes instant weight loss is short term thinking. This style of weight loss is going to hit back in the long run causing you to overeat and have no energy for exercise.


3.  Not drinking enough water. Simply drinking enough water during the day, especially during hot days, saves you from overeating. It keeps your body hydrated and relaxed as well. These days, too many people are used to drinking soda, sparkly drinks, powdered fruit juices, sweetened coffees.

In Sachin Mayi’s Book, You’re Fat, She’s Not, he gives a simple but effective tip! Drink 1 glass of water first thing in the morning. You’ll notice the difference it does to your system within days. There’s no harm in trying, only pure benefits to your health.

Read more lifestyle tips in Sachin’s book, You’re Fat, She’s Not. Make sure your weight loss efforts do not go into waste.




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