3 Easy Ways to Change Your Life Today

We’re going to share with you some tips to improve your health, no effort required! No 40-min on the exercise bike or the treadmill. We’re not even going to ask you to stop eating sweets. Keep on reading!

  1. Focus on positive thoughts. Negative thoughts can cause depression and can cause overeating and anxiety. Develop an attitude of gratitude and you’re halfway there. There’s no effort here. You’re merely going to be more thankful about your blessings and do more positive things. Get use to that and more beautiful things will come your way!
  2. Snack while standing up. Feel like a break? Or a piece of chocolate? Have it standing up. We are not asking you to stop eating snacks altogether… just asking you to stand up while having it. If you want to expand this suggestion, try standing up for 5 to 10 mins after a meal. Don’t sit back on your desk right away. Keep moving around.
  3. Drink water, at least 8 glasses a day. Keeping yourself hydrated is a guaranteed way to reduce unnecessary food intake. Sachin Mayi stresses this tip on his book You’re Fat She’s Not. His advice? Have a lukewarm glass of water after getting up in the morning.  Discover the benefits just after 3 days!
  4. Fruit or salad first. We recommend eating salad or fruit before you eat your meal. Eat the healthier bit first and after that, see if you still want to eat as much of that bread! Westerners are used to eating bread and crackers with cheese as appetizers before a meal.  Simply changing the order of food intake by eating salad first will help satiate a person sooner and decrease the tendency to gorge on a fatty or sugary meal!

These are easy tips and almost no effort involved. What this involves is a conscious decision to prioritise healthier foods and get one’s self to keep active. Little steps go a long way!


This book contains a wealth of easy tips to sustain a healthy diet and live a healthy life.

Make your health your biggest investment.




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