101 Salvations

Experience the Joys of Unconditional Love! Amazing Rescues as Told by the Rescued Dogs Themselves!  In this beautifully written book, you’ll read the remarkable rewards that surface when rejects of society find a home where they are needed and loved – changing the lives of those who adopt them!

The book recounts the stories of rescued dogs — Heart-warming stories, by Author Sachin Mayi. Great book for dog lovers.

$16.95 plus shipping

You’ll meet …

* Roscoe who’s living the dream!
* Button Bob who’s glad to be home again!
* Tyler who’s finally happy after abuse and neglect!
* Obi who fought for his life to find Laura!
* Leah who survived against all odds!
* Dawson who lost a leg but found Love!
* Luke who has two stories and one miracle!
* Bruiser, the mini boxer with stars in his eyes!
* Blue’s Knight in Shining Aura!
* And Many Happy More!

Dr. Laura Evatt spends every minute of her spare time rescuing dogs and paying for their health, well-being, and placement, with over $113,000 of her own money! “As I sat in her office one day (she’s my dentist!) I saw a book of dog portraits called “101 Salivations”. I had misread the title as “101 Salvations” and knowing Laura had saved many dogs thought that would’ve made a wonderful title for a book on her rescues. I was sad that particular title had been taken until I read it again and realized it had not! As soon as she was done with the probes and explorers in my mouth, we talked about it and immediately began work on writing the incredible story of Laura’s 101 rescues as told by the dogs themselves!” – Sachin Mayi

Proceeds of this book will go to support rescue efforts!

“This is how we met our dog Oliver … we had just moved to a new home and were having a garage sale when this lady got out of her car and walked up with the cutest puppy we had ever seen. She was shopping, we got to talking, and she told us she was actually looking for a home for the little guy. He had been found whining in a dumpster, hungry, and filthy just a couple of days prior. A DUMPSTER! She wanted to keep him, but with other rescues in her home, she just didn’t have the space. We held an emergency family meeting (which included our three rescued cats) and we all decided we would take him in! Months later I met Sachin at a packed “101 Salvations” book signing in Coconut Grove and I was so moved by the stories he shared straight from the book that I purchased four copies for family and friends!” – Alex

And now a note from Dr. Laura Evatt …Dear Friends,As you read this book you may feel a tug in your heart to join us in this endeavor. I’m well aware that at time, the rescue business is overwhelming, discouraging and disappointing. I’ve even had days when I’ve thought I can’t do this anymore. But, I invite you. Open your heart. Discover what it is you can do to promote the welfare of animals. Keep in mind, as I do, you don’t have to do great things in your life to make a difference. You only have to “do small thins with great love”. That is my favorite quote from Mother Teresa.

May God bless you on your journey.Sincerely,




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